Western Digital - HGST San Jose, CA
Principal Software Engineer Jun, 2015 - Present

HGST - Data Center Server Solutions division of Western Digital Inc offers private cloud solutions in the form of S3 object store products - Active Archive/Scale (SuperMicro) and Denali (Quantum)

As a developer, I had an opportunity to understand, design and develeop entire installation software which allows user(s) to install and field engineers to deploy/triage S3 object store with multi-geo support (1/3 Geo), rack config (Compute/Storage Intensive), Server Vendor (Quantum/SuperMicro) and Scale-Out/Scale-Up operations.

Seamicro DCSS - AMD Sunnyvale, CA
MTS-Embedded Software Dev Eng Dec, 2012 - Jun, 2015

SeaMicro - Data Center Server Solutions division of Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD) offers data-center platform that brings together compute, networking and storage in a single rack unit which is energy efficient with offerings based on AMD/Intel processors for unparalleled density and flexibity. Currently, I'm working as Member of Techincal Staff - Embedded Software Development for storage/systems team which provides software support for SM15K/Ke and next gen SM20K products.

As a developer, I had an opportunity to understand, design and develeop entire management software which allows user(s) to manage storage entities such as volume/raw disk and assign them to server, achieve high availability for fail-over/switch-over, system upgrade scenarios.

I also developed infra/framework for alarms/alerts which monitors overall health of the system and its components. The general system management features were later enhanced for REST interface support.

Fujitsu Network Communications Sunnyvale, CA
Embedded Software Engineer Mar, 2011 - Nov, 2012

Fujitsu Network Communications offers hardware and software solutions for Flashwave product line FW-9500 (L2 Switching Devices). I was appointed as Embedded Software Engineer for Data Services Team which focuses on software support for bridging - 802.1AD/802.1Q, protocol implmentation � STP/MSTP/RSTP, ITU G.8031 and LACP

As a developer, I had an opportunity to understand all the entities involved in bridging software such as CLI/TL1 (User Interface), Managed Object Layer (MCU), Switch Module (Switch Fabric) and Logical Entity Manager(Line Card). I was able to actively participate in entire SDLC involving design, coding, code-review, testing, bug-fixing. I was responsible for development of Bridging features such as Eline/Elan, Flow Point Configuration, LAG support, protocol such as xSTP, LACP, APS for G.8031 architecture. Along with development.

I also executed responsibilities of stream manager and platform support. In my spare time, I implemented various tools for the team to reduce overall effort for installing the code onto NE. I also implemented scripts in bash, tcl, python to automate testing/debugging efforts.

Harris Corporation Chesapeake, VA
Software Developer Intern May 2010 - Aug 2010

Harris Corporation is a multinational broadcast communications industry which offers hardware and software solutions to its large customer base. I was appointed as a software developer summer intern for Broadcast Communications Division (BCD) in Routing Panel project group, which develops signaling router systems and embedded software for the same.

As a developer, I had to understand overall routing process and develop software panels for various types of routers. The application consisted of back-end (wrapper classes) for communicating with actual router hardware and front-end with rich user interface for configuring router system. The backend was developed in Visual C++ 2010 (Win 32) and front-end was developed in Silverlight 4.0, C# .NET (VS 2010).

Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA
Research Assistant Aug 2008 - Dec 2010

Old Dominion University, Network Research Labs appointed me as Research Assistant for a period of two and a half years while I was pursuing my Masters in Computer Science. The Network Research Labs manages various software projects for Raytheon, VA and Hospice Palm Beach, FL. The work involved tasks such as creating new websites/modules (PLSQL embedded in HTML), generating Oracle Reports, mobile computing and providing innovative ideas to improve existing process.

I also had an opportunity to work on different things such as Service Oriented Architecture for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Richmond using PHP-XML RPC, embedded systems (Sensor Monitoring Applications), Mobile Computing (Blackberry & IPhone Application Development) and Offline Tool which allows mobile workers to access enterprise data even in the absence of a network connection.

Fujitsu (Zensar) Pune, India
Systems Programmer Aug 2006 - Dec 2008

After completing my Bachelor�s (Information Technology) I worked for two years with Zensar Technologies (a CMMI Level-5 MNC headquartered in Pune, India). I worked as systems programmer in Fujitsu Offshore Development Center (FJ-ODC) division on various projects under Networks, Embedded Systems and Storage domains involving high quality software solutions for different hardware technologies. I attribute my strong technical knowledge to the extensive software development work done in Zensar. At very early stage, I worked exposed to various technologies such as SCSI communication, development of software drivers, SNMP communication protocol, Inter-Process communication, Object Oriented Programming and other low-level hardware interactions.

As a part of SCSI Tape Drive Tool project, I had an opportunity to be a part of complete software development life cycle. I played an important role in development of Tape drive interaction software in Windows, Solaris and Linux. I laid the architecture for the tool in Windows by developing prototypes/ modules communicating using Inter Process Communication. Later, I played an important role for porting the code in Java using JNI and TCP/IP communication. In other C-BAY Dictation project I developed SNMP modules (Agent and Manager) communicating with monitored performance of various networked devices. The developed modules were highly reusable as they were incorporated into various projects later on.

IBM (India Software Labs) Pune, India
Software Developer May 2005 - Jul 2006

While pursuing my Bachelor�s I worked for IBM � India Software Laboratories (ISL) in Pune, India for about one year. I developed my first embedded systems software application in IBM which later I defended as my final year Bachelor�s project.

I developed a software module communicating with Philips Mifare series contactless smart card reader. The application was required to be highly interactive which allows user to store and manage personal information on smart card. In initial stages, personal information such as multiple email accounts login/password combinations were stored which provided auto-login into respective accounts. The application was incorporated as a module of ongoing project to maintain highly sensitive data on smart cards for each of the IBM-ISL employees.

The project after its completion was presented in National Level Project competition held in Pune Institute of Computer Technology (P.I.C.T) College, Pune where it was appreciated by various organizations.

IBM also sponsored my research work on sniffer detection which I demonstrated as a part of research work for my Bachelor�s. I developed a powerful tool in C (Linux Platform) to detect sniffer existing in a LAN. The basic idea of the tool was to construct invalid ICMP packets and observe responses of machines (which operate in promiscuous mode due to sniffer). The tool used libnet, pcap libraries to construct and send invalid ICMP packets. The developed tool was highly appreciated as it detected well known sniffers such as Tcpdump, Etherdetect and Wireshark operating in different platforms.